Former Musician Patisnock Moves to Dominate Local Boxing Circuit

It is not often you will find the last name ‘Gracie’ in the losing column when searching an opposing fighter’s win-loss record and it is even more rare to discover a mixed martial artist has beaten two Gracies back to back.

Rich Patisnock, now 6-1, did just that this past weekend at World Series of Fighting 5 at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J when he earned a unanimous decision victory over Gregor Gracie.

Built as somewhat of a revenge or grudge match for the Gracie Family, Patishnock was paired against Gregor, half-brother to Igor Gracie whom Patisnock had defeated in March.

In his post-fight interview Patishnock stated that he felt he deviated a bit from his gameplan yet he was satisfied with the victory.

“That was my strategy. I really didn’t think I did that well with my strategy, but that was my strategy, and I’m glad everybody thought I did it,” Patishnock said. “I wasn’t surprised at all. I thought that’s what he would come out and do, as opposed to his brother. I thought Gregor was more of a striker to go for his takedowns. I was actually surprised he tried to take me down without trading first.”

USCS was interested to see what exactly the New Jersey native now fighting out of Pennsylvania had up his sleeve and what exactly the game plan was so we contacted Patishnock’s head coach at Chamber MMA in East Stroudsburg, Pa., Don Cioffi, who shared the game plan his team constructed for their 170-pound fighter who scored consecutive wins over the most notable family name in mixed martial arts. He also recommended some of his top gear including his review of shin guards at US Combat Sports. 

USCS – What was the plan for Rich’s fight against Gregor and how well did he execute it?

Cioffi – “The game plan for the Gregor fight was to keep the fight standing by circling away from his power hand and control the tempo of fight. If Gregor got the fight to the ground Rich was to work on getting back up to standing. At no time was he to get involved in grappling match. We wanted Rich to control the tempo with his movement, striking and angles to frustrate Gregor and force him to get winded chasing Rich. Rich was very successful in sticking to the game plan and this enabled him to keep the fight standing where it was in Rich’s favor.”

USCS – How did this gameplan differ from when Rich fought Igor?

Cioffi – “This game plan was similar to the one we had designed for Igor but Rich did not use his standup to keep the fight standing and let Igor get to close to him.”

USCS – Who helped with the gameplan? Which coaches?

Cioffi – “The coaches in Rich’s camp were myself, Don Cioffi (striking, boxing) Sean Diggs ( Muay Thai, striking), Andy Main (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Jeremy Hubbard (strength and conditioning). The only change from the camp for Igor was Andy Main our BJJ coach. I knew Andy had trained with the Gracies for years and approached him about coming on board for the Gregor fight. I told Andy that I wanted to work on Rich getting back up if Gregor was able to get it to the ground. Andy did an amazing job of preparing Rich for Gregor and this showed when Gregor took him down and Rich got it back standing quickly. Andy is now training under Marcello Garcia considered to be one of the top BJJ players in the world. Also we had great sparring partners for Rich in camp they pushed Rich to the edge and got him ready, sparring partners were Chamber teammates Donny Cioffi, Eric Roncoroni, Demetrius Lindsey.”

USCS – Did Rich stick to the plan or did he have to deviate from it at all?

Cioffi – “This fight Rich stuck to game plan and was successful in controlling the tempo and setting up his striking with his movement and angles off strikes. There were a few times when Rich had to be reminded to stay on plan but on a whole he carried it out the way we trained for it in camp.”

USCS – What’s next for him?

Cioffi – “We are now bringing Rich down to the 155lb weight class and awaiting word from WSOF on possible next opponent. I am very proud of the game plan we had in place from the coaches to the training partners, this was a huge team effort to guarantee Rich was ready for Gregor.”

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Quick Overview on How to Set Up A Backyard Cinema Theater

where to find open air cinema

Perhaps you have been to an open air cinema before or maybe, you have seen some movies with this type of set-up in it; either way, we can safely agree that the open theater idea is, indeed, very interesting. The idea just gets better when you can actually play the role of the director or the host of this cinema project and what better place to set up your outdoor theater than in your very own backyard, patio or lawn?

Backyard Theater

Having your own backyard cinema theater is far from simple. However, it’s also not that difficult to do as long as you have the right guide. Despite the effort needed to be exerted for this home project, it all becomes worth it once everything is finished. Literally, everyone can enjoy your open theater; not just you and your family but also your friends, relatives and maybe even your neighbors.

But before you jump right into your cinema plan, there are a couple of things you have to know when it comes to setting things up. Let’s get right into everything you need to know about the installation of your own outdoor theater.

Things to Know

  • About The Place

First and foremost, you need to look for an appropriate area for your open theater. A place that is not that far from the power supply, kitchen nor the house, itself. Make sure you create a layout or a visual plan of your outdoor theater.

The backyard is a good option for the place since it is quite hidden and not really facing the road where vehicles and other people pass by. Once you’ve chosen the perfect space to set your equipment up, may it be your backyard, patio or front yard, the work does not just end there. In order to make the space even more suitable as your outdoor theater, you must also do some improvements such as installing a tent to protect your space. Furthermore, before the actual movie night, you should debug the place in order to give you and the other viewers a great experience.

how to set up backyard theater

  • About The Projector and Screen

No doubt, the projector might just be the most expensive investment you’ll need. The key to buying a projector lies on knowing what you exactly need. Take note of the distance of the projector from the screen as projectors have different throwing distances. More importantly, make sure you purchase a projector that is at least or greater than 2,000 lumens and has a great contrast ratio; this is to ensure the brightness and clarity of what it projects. The best partner for your projector would be a laptop with a DVD player; even without DVD players, you may simply store soft copy of the movies on your laptop.

For the screen, the best option would be a portable one which you can easily move around whenever necessary. However, for those who are tight with the budget, you might want to try making your very own screen. Attaching a plain cloth to a flat surface or maybe painting a flat wall in the house may already suffice.

  • About The Sound System

A 40-watt speaker might actually work for your outdoor theater. It’s best to stick with speakers that are plugged in rather than wireless since wireless speakers might just be more at risk of not functioning in the middle of the best scene. Just make sure that the ports of your speakers and laptop or projector are compatible. In addition, you should not only stick with one speaker, the more speakers the better for the audience and if you want to make use of an amplifier, that would work well too.

  • About the Seats

Whether you decide on making use of couches, bean bags, comforters or blankets, whatever is most comfortable would be the best. You may also make use of living room carpets or rugs during the event.

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Looking Into the Different Types of Guitar Amplifiers

best tube amp for guitar

Aside from choosing which guitar to go for or if guitar lessons are needed, another big decision to make is on what type of amplifier you should get. Without a doubt, there are actually different types of amplifiers in the market; the decision of which amplifier to go for is quite difficult especially if you are not aware of their main differences. It’s best to get yourself acquainted with their distinctive characteristics in order for you to come up with the best decision.

Basically, the type of amplifier is determined by the technology it uses to produce sounds. Without further ado, let us look into the different types below. If you’re interested in amplifying the sounds of your electric or acoustic guitars, you might want to try one of these.

Types of Amplifiers

Solid State Amplifiers

A very good choice for people who are budget-conscious when it comes to buying an amplifier is the solid state type; this type of amplifier is usually mass produced. Also considered as the most popular type of amplifier, solid state amplifiers make use of electronics that are solid state such as transistors, diodes, circuit boards, etc. Because of its ability to produce clean sounds, a lot of musicians, especially jazz and blues guitarists, prefer this type of amplifier. Aside from its great quality sound, solid state amplifiers are also very light, consistent and very reliable. Furthermore, it also offers a wide range of features for tines and other effects.

Tube Amplifiers

Tube amplifiers are made from vacuum tubes that usually glow orange when they get hot as they are used for a long period of time. Also known as valve amplifiers, tube amps are much more costly. Despite the obsolete technology that tube amplifiers use, many musicians still prefer tube amplifiers because of its classic quality. However, tube amplifiers are heavier and may be more expensive as it requires more maintenance. Still, tube amplifiers produce the most responsive tones for music. If you’re interested in getting a tube amplifier, you might want to check out some tube amp reviews for under $1000.

buying the best guitar amp

Hybrid Amplifiers

Because of the difficult decision on which amplifier is better between tube and solid-state types, manufacturers have come up with a combination of the two types. Hybrid amplifiers make use of solid state circuitry for the power amplifier and a tube for the pre-amp.

Digital Modeling Amplifiers

Another type of amplifier that is much lighter and cheaper are digital-modeling amplifiers. This amplifier makes use of computer modeling to produce sounds. Digital modeling amplifiers also have a wide range of effects as it is very flexible. What’s great is that the modeling technology used for this amplifier allows imitation of sounds even sounds that are usually produced only from tube amplifiers.

Acoustic Amplifiers

As implied by the name, this type of amplifier is made for acoustic guitars. These amplifiers produce clean sounds and are similar to keyboard amplifiers when it comes to the flat frequency response. Oftentimes, these amplifiers come with a mixer which allows signals from condenser microphones and a pickup to mix and blend together.

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