What Are Mini Amps

Amps come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and of course.. prices. They are made to do a lot of different things. Despite that overall their role is pretty straightforward – to take sound signals and make them a hell of a lot louder via some sort of speaker system. If you want my top product picks – check out this review.

Pretty simple right?

Generally speaking the bigger the amp the stronger its ability to distort, modify or amplify that sound – hence the name amplifier! Not all amps are huge, some are tiny. This is what mini amps are, they are just basically smaller versions of bigger amps. They are easier to take around and great for beginners.

Benefits of Mini Amps

  • Way cheaper
  • Easy to bring around
  • Simplicity
  • Great sound quality

Who Uses Mini Amps

Mini amps are great for any guitar player that is looking for a really simple and portable option for their sound system. What I use them for myself is practicing. If I’m headed somewhere to practice with my friends or just go jam, I’ll bring along my mini amp. It saves me the time and hassle of lugging around some giant amplifier.

I will say that a mini amp won’t match a higher end amp in terms of quality and sound, it’s all about being portable. So here is a good rule of thumb for practice keeping a smaller cheaper mini amp around is a great way to avoid serious hassle. However, if you’re a serious musician you’ll still need a quality setup.

Most mini amps run on batteries so you don’t need to bring your cables with you. ┬áSome are even small enough to fit in the car or on your desktop. Depending on the make and model they might come with a headphone jack or even a CPU adaptor to edit or record the sounds directly on your computer. Most minis sit around 3 amps which means they definitely aren’t strong enough to power up a concert hall or even a big room, they are just for practice.

  • Personal and causal situations – yes!
  • Concerts = no!

Recording Music from Your Mini Amp

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s great to hookup your mini amp directly to your computer and using

music recording software you can capture your practice session directly in Mp3 format. This is great if you’re looking to make some edits afterwards or just have a recording of what happened in the last few weeks.

Mini amps are also good for situations where you need to speak louder than normal like a presentation or conference. The jack for these kinds of setups is usually a little bit smaller and not so big. A quarter inch mic jack is usually enough to maintain a good sound level.

Adjusting Bass and Volume on Your Mini Amp – Kinds of Mini Amps

Depending on the model you get you may be able to adjust certain things or you might just be plain out of luck. It really depends on the model you get and how the manufacturer built it. Fancier mini amps definitely have a lot of places to adjust volume and other effects.

Acoustic Mini Amps?

Unfortunately for all you acoustic guitar players, acoustic guitar amps don’t come in the mini variety. For bigger size amps I definitely recommend spending the required amount of money and getting something that is worthwhile and lasts.


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