Guitar Lessons: The Perfect Teacher and the Perfect Student

Many say that the guitar is the easiest and best musical instrument to learn. Mainly because the guitar allows you to play a complete song with the use of only 2-3 easy chords. This idea might actually be true; however, there are many factors that affect how well you will learn this instrument. In this article, we will focus on our duties and responsibilities of the teacher as well as the student.

Without the cooperation of the two, learning this instrument may become difficult. Both teachers and students have a part to play in order to make lessons go smoothly and in order to make progress.

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The Perfect Teacher

When hiring a music teacher, there are several traits that he or she must possess. These are some of the characteristics that a good teacher has:

  • Patience – There are music teachers who just do not understand how the learning curve is. Some of them might too harsh with their students and this really ruins the experience for the student. Go for a teacher that is patient enough to repeat chords as much as it needs to be repeated without giving off negative vibes or discouragement.
  • Positivity – Even when the student fails to learn a piece, the teacher must radiate positive energy in order to encourage the students and to also let them know that it is okay to take their time in learning. No one wants to deal with a teacher who does not believe in his or her student.
  • Good Personality – The teacher must be approachable and pleasant with the students. If the student has some questions to ask about the strumming technique or reading the cords, the teachers should accommodate these questions well and answer them in the best manner possible.
  • Flexibility – A great guitar teacher is also someone who is flexible. Not just in scheduling but also in their playing techniques and styles. A teacher who is able to play jazz, blues or acoustic pop will be able to adjust well with the different preferences of the students.

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The Perfect Student

In order to maximize learning, the student also has his or her own duties and responsibilities to take care of. Here are some of those:

  • Ask questions – For as long as the answers to the questions will help in sharpening the knowledge and skills about the musical instrument, ask it. A good student asks questions because they aim to learn more and because they need their teacher’s help.
  • Work hard – Try your best to really practice consistently. Finish your exercises, assignments and home works. You might even want to go the extra mile and use your free time to know and learn more about the guitar. Being lazy has no room if you really are serious with learning this musical instrument.
  • Be motivated – Find your own goals and motivation, may it be an entire song that you aim to learn or a guitarist whom you are idolizing. Being self-motivated is what will really push you to work even harder.

If you are looking for a great guitar teacher in Birmingham, you might want to check out Bidvine’s directory of trusted guitar teachers near the area. Now that you have these things in mind, you are ready to take on guitar lessons.

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