Looking Into the Different Types of Guitar Amplifiers

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Aside from choosing which guitar to go for or if guitar lessons are needed, another big decision to make is on what type of amplifier you should get. Without a doubt, there are actually different types of amplifiers in the market; the decision of which amplifier to go for is quite difficult especially if you are not aware of their main differences. It’s best to get yourself acquainted with their distinctive characteristics in order for you to come up with the best decision.

Basically, the type of amplifier is determined by the technology it uses to produce sounds. Without further ado, let us look into the different types below. If you’re interested in amplifying the sounds of your electric or acoustic guitars, you might want to try one of these.

Types of Amplifiers

Solid State Amplifiers

A very good choice for people who are budget-conscious when it comes to buying an amplifier is the solid state type; this type of amplifier is usually mass produced. Also considered as the most popular type of amplifier, solid state amplifiers make use of electronics that are solid state such as transistors, diodes, circuit boards, etc. Because of its ability to produce clean sounds, a lot of musicians, especially jazz and blues guitarists, prefer this type of amplifier. Aside from its great quality sound, solid state amplifiers are also very light, consistent and very reliable. Furthermore, it also offers a wide range of features for tines and other effects.

Tube Amplifiers

Tube amplifiers are made from vacuum tubes that usually glow orange when they get hot as they are used for a long period of time. Also known as valve amplifiers, tube amps are much more costly. Despite the obsolete technology that tube amplifiers use, many musicians still prefer tube amplifiers because of its classic quality. However, tube amplifiers are heavier and may be more expensive as it requires more maintenance. Still, tube amplifiers produce the most responsive tones for music. If you’re interested in getting a tube amplifier, you might want to check out some tube amp reviews for under $1000.

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Hybrid Amplifiers

Because of the difficult decision on which amplifier is better between tube and solid-state types, manufacturers have come up with a combination of the two types. Hybrid amplifiers make use of solid state circuitry for the power amplifier and a tube for the pre-amp.

Digital Modeling Amplifiers

Another type of amplifier that is much lighter and cheaper are digital-modeling amplifiers. This amplifier makes use of computer modeling to produce sounds. Digital modeling amplifiers also have a wide range of effects as it is very flexible. What’s great is that the modeling technology used for this amplifier allows imitation of sounds even sounds that are usually produced only from tube amplifiers.

Acoustic Amplifiers

As implied by the name, this type of amplifier is made for acoustic guitars. These amplifiers produce clean sounds and are similar to keyboard amplifiers when it comes to the flat frequency response. Oftentimes, these amplifiers come with a mixer which allows signals from condenser microphones and a pickup to mix and blend together.

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